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Emery/Carbon Weed Tour Sept. 28

"A New Invader and Some Old Enemies" The Skyline Cooperative Weed Management Area Committee invites you to join them in Castle Dale on Sept. 28 to learn how to control Tamarisk and Russian olive trees and to see our newest invading weed, the Ox Eye Daisy. The tour will visit Joe's Valley reservoir to see results of Tamarisk/Russian olive removal projects around the lake. Tour presenters will demonstrate simple control techniques for Tamarisk and Russian olive, and a discussion of the tamarisk beetle invasion will whet your appetite. They will also visit the site of an Ox Eye Daisy infestation and learn why it is a concern to our communities. Enjoy a lunch prepared by the Emery Water Conservancy District, and come away with a better appreciation of why weed control is needed to improve water quality and maintain range productivity. Date: Sept. 28.

Time: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Meeting place: Emery County Courthouse in Castle Dale (plan to car pool).

RSVP: 435-381-2300, ext 101 by Sept. 26 (we need a count for the free lunch).

Train Accident Injures Children

On Sept. 17 at the Melon Days celebration in Green River at 2:48 p.m. a caller reported the small train giving children rides had flipped over. Local ambulances responded and subjects were transported to Castleview Hospital and to the Green River Clinic.

The train was reported to have landed on several children including a baby. One child suffered a broken arm and lost consciousness, others suffered from abrasions.

Emery County Historical Society

Invites you to join us on a trek to view a Mayan Calendar.

Richard Seely will meet us at one of the many rock art calendars that are scattered throughout the San Rafael desert, then we will travel to the head of the Sinbad where we will view a panel that depicts the formula for interpreting these ancient calendars.

Bring your own lunch and plenty of water.

A high clearance vehicle is suggested.

Mark your calendar

Saturday, Sept. 24.

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