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Letter to the Editor: Help save our ALCO store

By LuAnn Koch - a former employee of Alco and a resident of Castle Dale.


Save our Alco Store in Castle Dale, Utah. Our Alco store is going to close on Jan. 23.

The store has been here since March, 2004 - it will be 10 years this next March. We need this store, we don't have a big convenience store in this area. We are miles away from Wal Mart in Price and it is so convenient for residents of Emery County to drop in our local Alco. Just think of the employees that will be losing their jobs. What happens when your child comes home and needs items for a school project or you need a wedding gift, a baby shower gift, we all knew Alco was there for all of us.

Alco came into our area in 2004, our economy was the same in 2004 as it is now. Alco is number one in the Region; but the corporate office in Kansas doesn't think they are doing that good. Local citizens support this store.

We can try to do something. You can call the corporate office at 800-334-2526 or go on the web site and write them a note on how you feel about them closing our store.

They need to hear from us to try to keep them open. Please help to keep our store open.

I remember when we had Sprouse Reitz in the same building and they closed that store. It took them a long time to open another store, we don't want another store, we want the Alco store. Take a minute to contact the corporate office of Alco or write a note to keep the store open.

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