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Letter to the Editor: Donations for the Wyatt family



I am so grateful for the good editorial written by the Emery County Progress editor Patsy Stoddard. It was written with such sensitivity and sincerity. She captured the essence of what all of us in Emery and Carbon counties are feeling over the two losses that she touched upon.

It was good to read the truth of what went on at that fire as so many rumors get started when there is a tragedy.

God certainly put the right person in the right place at the right time. He couldn't have chosen a more caring and compassionate person to be with that mother at that very time.

I, too, hope that people in our communities will reach out in support to this family, help them get into a new home, help to give them the rest and comfort that they need to heal their broken hearts. Where can send our donations?

Editor's note: donations for the Wyatt family may be made at Zion's Bank and Eastern Utah Community Credit Union.

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