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Castle Dale City acquires property


Castle Dale City recently acquired the deed for this parcel of land which belongs to the US Forest Service.

Castle Dale City has been involved in an ongoing effort to secure the property at the fairgrounds where the playground equipment sits. Mayor Neal Peacock told the Emery County Public Lands Council of the steps taken in this process.

He said, "Six years ago I was approached by Eugene Johansen who wanted someone to know that in 1947 Castle Dale City sold the US Forest Service, two parcels of land where they were going to build a forest service headquarters. This never happened. The forest service used the land, and a corral and house sit on the land today." Peacock approached Mesia Nyman, Ferron district ranger about the property.

"All of the proper procedures were followed and the forms filled out and the property has now been deeded back to Castle Dale City for $1. This property sits between the electrical box and the fence of the corral. It is where the playground equipment is located. It does not include where the corral and house sit.

Although, Mayor Peacock is hopeful a deal will be worked out in the near future that will allow Castle Dale City to purchase the land where the corral and house sit. The land when it becomes available will be used to expand the fairgrounds. Mayor Peacock expressed the need for more land at the fairgrounds to accommodate the large crowds during the fair and the rodeo and the need for another covered pavilion.

Congressman Jim Matheson's office became involved in helping Castle Dale City acquire the parcel of land where the playground sits.

Matheson intervened and recently the Forest Service sent a letter to Mayor Peacock, announcing that the property title would be returned to the town.

"I am pleased that my office was able to play a role in the desired outcome. As a regular visitor to the Emery County fair, I look forward to seeing the improvements that can now be made to the site, "said Matheson.

"We want to thank everyone who worked on this project. It was a collabrative effort with Rep. Matheson's office and Sen. Bennett and the Forest Service. The Forest Service was great to work with. They even sent a letter once apologizing for things moving so slowly. They hadn't ever done anything like this before," said Mayor Peacock.

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