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Elmo Daughters of the Utah Pioneers dedicate new projects


The Elmo Daughters of the Utah Pioneers pose beneath the new entrance to the Elmo Cemetery. They are: LaRue Lofley, Bearl Lofley, Charla Ann, Shirley Coyne, Erma Lou Jones, Georgina Hansen, Henrietta Hansen, Karen Jensen and Julie Ehler.

The Elmo Daughters of the Utah Pioneers recently completed their project at the Elmo Cemetery. Henrietta Hansen spoke at the recent dedication of the new archway to the entrance of the cemetery. She said their cemetery in Elmo was the only one in the county that didn't have some type of entry way. The Elmo DUPs decided to take on the job of getting an archway for the cemetery.

Each fall they hold a pheasant hunters breakfast and lunch at their DUP building in Elmo. They have a raffle and also sell pies to the hunters and everyone else who comes to the event. This year they decided to take the proceeds from this event to go towards the archway.

Hansen said Eldon Holmes did the design and ironwork for the project. He donated his work and the DUPs paid for the supplies. The bricks were purchased by Elmo City and the brick walls were completed and the archway was placed on top.

The DUPs also recognized Duane Jones with a special award for always being around to help the DUPs. He is always doing repairs to the DUP building and repaired the exhaust system at the building so it has adequate ventilation when the ladies are cooking inside.

The Elmo DUPs are proud of what they have been able to accomplish at the cemetery. Their other project was to install a plaque with the names of Veterans from Elmo. It has been installed on the other side of the American Legion monument at the cemetery.

The DUPs had refreshments at the cemetery as they combined their dedication with the annual Veteran's Memorial Day event sponsored by the American Legion.

The Elmo Dups are: Henrietta Hansen, Shirley Coyne, Julie Ehler, LaRue Lofley, Bearl Lofley, Charla Ann, Erma Lou Jones, Georgina Hansen and Karen Jensen.

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