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Vicious winds attack Emery: knock down trees

The large willow at the Emery rest area is blown out of the ground by high winds.

Emery Town experienced highwinds from June 10 through the night and into June 11.

The entire county experienced severe winds but Emery seemed to be among the hardest hit.

Seventy-80 mph winds seemed to be recorded in most of the county.

In Emery damage included several uprooted trees. The large willow tree in the Emery rest area was uprooted.

Several falling branches downed power lines in the Emery area.

Many trees were split apart and limbs were ripped from the trunks of the trees. Several trees in the Emery park sustained damage.

The entire town sustained damage. Rocky Mountain Power came to the town to cut the power to the downed lines and to repair them.

Many shingles were blown from houses. A trampoline in Ferron was blown through a fence and many downed branches in their park. Orangeville also experienced trees being toppled.

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